Let children communicate freely on a safe platform.

Discover a new way to stay connected with School Talkz 

School Talkz is a powerful new engagement tool that empowers students, teachers, and school officials by providing easy access to interact with each other. 

School Talkz is designed to help students stay in touch with their friends and teachers while also giving teachers an effective way to engage with students. 
Administrators benefit from this as well because it streamlines operations by increasing efficiency. 

Improves School Culture 

It’s a whole new school experience which helps students feel comfortable enough to express themselves without judgement or ridicule. 

Improves Student Behaviour 

Positive conversations make a happier healthier school community which makes it easier for teachers to positively engage with students. 

Convenient Communication 

With School Talkz, information is never too far away which makes it easier for parents to stay connected to their children as well as their children’s teachers. 

Positive Conversations; Positive Community. 

School Talkz helps initiate and uphold positive conversations and make a happier, healthier school community. With School Talkz, students, teacher and parent interactions are easy and immediate. This means information is within arm’s reach. 

Similarly, they will get notified when students post photos, so they never miss an update from school. Just open up School Talkz for an easy overview.