School Community

June 28, 2024 2024-07-13 12:04


Meet SchoolTalkz's Student centric community app for schools to improve engagement and participation of students

100% Positive driven by your Student council in Schools

Student Centric Community

Our community is totally Student centric managed by your Student council for increasing engagements and participation

Community Participation

Bring students together to participate in various activities as a community (Eg: Cyberbullying awareness, Spread Postivity)

Gamified Leaderboard for Student Participation

Gamified engagement to create engaging posts. Not only stars, but some amazing rewards too.

Interactive Polls

Create interactive polls for your campus and get opinions from parents and staffs in a click.

Birthday Walls

Our challenges are curated for all classes and in a diverse of categories starting from Communication, Art, Social, Science, Coding and More.

Engage your Students and make Schooling fun

Identify Unique Talents

Provide a platform for your Students and Staff to explore their unidentified talents and nourish them positively.

KID Friendly Platform

All the contents are safely moderated by the school leaders and also AI moderation on all text, photos and videos shared.

Increase your school engagement rate more than 80%

Increased involvement
Real Rewards for Value Creation