Gamification increases student motivation, it is also bound to increase student performance without following difficult, boring, conventional methods. 

Schooltalkz is a gamified engagement app that is bringing a revolution in schools today! 

Making School Fun 

With Schooltalkz’s reward system that offers students special real-time rewards when they interact and engage with each other socially, students here are rewarded with less mundane school activities and are kept engaged. 

Why Gamification? 


Gamification in the education system will motivate students by engaging them through a sense of belonging and rewards as incentives. 


Unlike conventional methods, gamification will engage students on a level that will encourage them to learn and communicate easily. 


Gamification is bound to increase student performance due to engagement on an easier level. 

Increase Learner Motivation 

Gamification focuses on the learner’s motivation to reach a desired behavioral change which is the main purpose of instruction. 

How does Schooltalkz inculcate this? 

Schooltalkz is a gamified engagement app created exclusively for school students. It allows students to interact, engage and build a positive community within the school and a reward building system that intrigues students to actively participate and take initiatives.  Converting regular activities into a gamified social interaction can occupy and motivate students to get into a healthy routine of communicating better. It can introduce young minds to the concept of healthy competition without the involvement of undesirable characteristics like jealousy. It aims and strives to keep up with the budding children. With changing times, education patterns, student communication patterns must change too, Innovate and Grow with Schooltalkz.