Social media is one of the most essential parts of your Child’s life—learn how you can ensure they’re safe while still experiencing its benefits. 


We can make social media a better experience for children by educating them about the risks associated with it and about how to keep themselves safe through things like what they post and share. 

Keep Control 

It is normal to want a better experience from social media, but sometimes we just can’t because we don’t know our children well enough. We recommend keeping an eye on their activity or seeking professional advice to keep control. 

Simplify Social Media Usage 

Understanding when it’s time to stop using social media or use a different platform can help users simplify their usage and make it work better for them 

Educate Yourself 

By making sure you’re aware of how social media affects mental health, it’s easier to avoid this risk. 

Keep Them Safe 

Understand how best to keep them safe on social media by being sensible about the amount of time they spend on it and what they share 

Educate Children on the threats and risks 

Teach them how to keep themselves safe on social media. Discuss the dangers and risks of their internet use so they know how these may affect them personally. 

Make it child friendly 

Follow the guidelines set by their social media account provider and make sure they always have your back. 

Have a friendly conversation 

Communicate regularly about your expectations from their internet use as well as limiting their access to social media – Stay up to date on privacy settings: Make sure that you set these according to their age and ensure they are constantly being monitored – Consider products that will monitor their activity: By monitoring their activity through various social media platforms you will be able to spot any risk indicators early. 

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