Create a safe space where kids can interact freely 

Throughout our childhood, there were many moments when we felt out of place. Feeling left out or lonely isn’t an uncommon thing for people of all ages to experience; particularly young children can feel this way when they don’t find the right friends who understand them, or if they’re too introverted and never had a chance to socialize. Luckily, though, platforms like school talkz come along – now everyone can participate in something that will both foster personal growth and develop relationships between different people. Whether you’re a student or teacher – you can create your own personal community here through active engagement! 

Schooltalkz is an app designed exclusively for students and teachers at your school. 

Create Memories Together 

Bring students and teachers together through this collaborative platform. It creates a safe space for communication and interaction where no one has to feel left out or out of place anymore. 

Create communities Together 

You can share anything about yourself on School Talkz; from interests to pictures, videos, etc., You can find people just like you or completely different! 


Schooltalkz is an online platform where students can chat, share pictures, make friends, and create real-time wonders. 


Schooltalkz respects a student’s privacy through various safety features such as real names (anonymity), ad-free, moderated community, Intra school connections. 

What we give your students? 

Collaborative platform 

Share views; Flaunt their amazing skills, Share posts, thoughts, and views with your community. Be it a poem or a painting, there is no judgment or embarrassment. 

Safe space 

With safety being a standard measure, allow them to freely communicate and explore with all people within the school community. 

Practicing Democracy 

Teachers and students can create polls on the app, which allows them to participate in decision-making, healthy discussions, etc., 

To make this positive impact in your school, try School Talkz!