School starts are exciting times. It’s time to get back into a routine, catch up with friends, and look forward to cooler weather and a fresh start. After the newness wears off, how do we maintain a positive attitude and productive energy? 
Students function best when they feel good physically, and mentally, and have calm, focused energy towards things they believe in. When they are organized, they can think and remember more easily, and they learn and work better. We all agree with this, but in our high-pressure, fast-paced society, it’s hard to imagine how it’s possible. 
Here are 5 simple ways you can make your school more fun! 
1. Make your students build a customized community for themselves. 
A learning community can offer a broad range of leadership roles and skill-building opportunities, it supports distributed leadership, and it accelerates the progress towards scaled impact. Communities share learning from both successful and unsuccessful experiences to deepen their collective knowledge. 
2. Help them find friends with similar interests: 
It’s fun to be with people who are like us, if you share an interest, it gives you something to talk about. Help them find friends with similar interests. It may sound obvious, but sharing interests is very important for solid friendships, getting to know each other better is more important than how much you like each other. 

3. Extracurricular workshops 
Students benefit from any extracurricular activity not only because it improves their health condition but also because it improves their academic performance. Students receive several benefits, including better communication, collaboration, physical, mental, and teamwork health, and enthusiasm. 

4. Understand their mental health and be there for them: 

A teacher cannot provide personalized instruction or motivate a student without knowing it. Highly effective teachers create meaningful opportunities for learning about their students and find ways to communicate with them and make their life in school more fun and interactive. 

5. School Talkz 

Through school talkz, you create an opportunity for students to engage and interact after school. It facilitates friendships, builds communities, and enables teachers to better understand students. Creating a positive community within the school and a reward-building system that motivates students to actively participate and take initiatives through the Schooltalkz app is a gamified engagement app specifically designed for school students.  Through gamification, regular activities can be turned into social interaction that motivates students to communicate more effectively.