School Talkz

May 8, 2024 2024-05-13 5:35

Kid - SafeSocial Media

Meet SchoolTalkz. #1 gamified social media for kids and teens to showcase talents and earn rewards.

100% Positive with no cyberbullying and negativity

For the New Gen

Making it fun for students to engage and become social without negativity and cyberbullying

 Unleash Your Potential

Share your talents with peers and shine in our safe, supportive community

Engage – Win – Earn!

Join activities, earn rewards, and unlock exciting prizes!

Stay Informed, Stay Positive

Discover the world’s news through a lens of positivity and learning

Connect, Compete, Collaborate

Engage with students worldwide in creative challenges and friendly competitions

Embrace Positivity, Block Negativity

No negative Contents

Discover a community free from negativity and harmful comments. Your child's online experience, protected.

Safe Connections

We prioritize safety! Personal messages are restricted to protect kids from unwanted interactions. Your child's privacy, our priority

Capturing your kid - teen journey with joy